The Hookups of ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4, as Told By GIFs

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The new “Arrested Development” episodes have gone live on Netflix, and the controversy they’ve provoked is second only to the controversy when FOX announced the show was cancelled.

For our part, we’re fans of the new season. We liked how it basically worked like one giant episode. Seasons 1–3 are complicated enough, with all the layers and the parallel miscommunications. It can be tough to keep track of who’s done what to whom. And these people have done a lot, to a lot of people, and often to the same people multiple times!

So, having binge-watched all fifteen episodes the day the season came out, we decided to create a run-down of all the illicit liaisons in Season 4. Behold the new heights of family dysfunction.



Michael was dating Rebel Alley.

Michael and Rebel

So was George Michael.

George Michael and Rebel

George Michael was trying to date Maeby (and so was his roommate P-Hound).

George Michael and Maeby

Maeby was dating a high school student named Perfecto.

Maeby and Perfecto

Perfecto was the adopted son of Lucille 2.

Lucille 2 and Perfecto

Lucille 2 was having an affair with Oscar (in the past she has also had relations with GOB and Buster).

Oscar and Lucille2

Oscar was also sleeping with Lucille 1.

Oscar and Lucille

Lucille thought she was sleeping with her husband, George. But he was having trouble getting it up.

George Cant Get it Up

Meanwhile, Tobias and Lindsay went on a double date. They both left with one half of the other couple.

Double Date

This left Lindsay with Marky Bark. Marky Bark’s father is Johnny Bark, who long ago professed his love for Lindsay after a night of squatting in a tree together in protest.

Lindsay and Marky Bark

Lindsay left Marky Bark for Herbert Love.

Lindsay and Love

Herbert Love was sort of taking care of Buster as a son (You know, Blind Side style).

Buster and Mr Love

Then Buster slept with Herbert Love’s wife.

Buster and Mrs Love

Tobias ended up with DeBrie.

Tobias and DeBrie

DeBrie got into a limo full of young pop stars to service them and better her life. GOB happened to be driving the car.

Gob Driving

GOB accidentally got engaged to Ann/Bland/Egg, who you’ll recall used to date George Michael.

Gob and Egg

GOB then somehow ended up in a homosexual relationship with Tony Wonder, even though neither of them are gay.

Gob and Tony Wonder

Around about that time, Egg showed up pregnant with Tony Wonder’s baby.

Tony and Anne

Tony Wonder was also secretly in a relationship with Sally Sitwell.

Tony Wonder and Sally Sitwel

And you may remember, Sally Sitwell used to date Michael.


And look at that, we’ve sort of come full circle.