The Perfect First Date in 40 Objects

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The New York Times, mimicking an earlier project by BBC Radio, recently presented its readers with “A History of New York in 50 Objects.” In keeping with the apparent journalistic gimmick du jour, we present to you our own take on the visual history: behold the perfect first date — in 40 objects (and a couple gestures, if we’re getting technical).

1. A Telephone Number, in Transcription


2. A Fist, Pumped

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3. A Text Message, Short and Sweet and Dripping in Wit

4. The Best Smile You Can Remember Seeing …

5. … and Some of These

6. An Excessive Number of Reviews Written by Complete Strangers but Regarded as Gospel

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7. Date In Calendar — It’s Official

8. Her Favorite Shoes

9. His Favorite Shirt

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9. And a Pump of This

10. A Secret Rendezvous

11. A Table for Two

12. A Watch, Glanced at Repeatedly

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13. A Full Glass …

14. … and Empty One(s)

15. That Awkward Do-We-Hug-or-Not Thing When She Finally Arrives

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16. A Laugh, Probably Inspired by Mutual Disdain for Something

17, 18. An Unopened Menu, an Impatient Waiter

19. A Bottle of Wine

20. Or Two Good Pints

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21. Whatever You’re Into …

22. A Shared App

23. That Unruly Strand of Hair (That I Know You Know Is There)

24. An Exchange of Forks

25. A Wayward Foot

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26. Check, Please

27. One Card

28. Or Two, Depending on What She’s Into

29. Breath Mints. One for Now …

30. … and Some Discreetly Pocketed Ones for Later

31. Somewhere to Put Your Hand

32. A Place Down the Street

33. Instruments

34. An Impromptu Dancefloor

35. More Empty Glasses

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36. That Room Where You Pee/Send an Enthusiastic Text Message to a Friend

37. Excessive Exclamation Points!!!

38. The Backseat

39. Well, Half of It at Least …

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40. A Notice to the World: