The Secret to the Perfect First Date Outfit

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Does what you wear on a first date really matter? As our own Chiara Atik can tell you, the answer is a resounding YES. In an interview with StyleCaster, Chiara, the author of Modern Dating: A Field Guide, discusses the dos and don’ts of getting dressed for a first date, and explains why what you wear really does make a difference.

“It’s not so much what label or what trend, but that [your outfit] fits well, and what state your clothes are in,” Chiara says, “People look more confident and more put together in clothes that fit them. That seems self-explanatory and obvious, but there are some people who just don’t put any thought into what they wear on first dates.”

It makes complete sense. The right clothes equal confidence, and confidence equals sexy!

Chiara also says what we choose to wear tells more about our personalities than we realize. “These are the changeable parts of your appearance—you can’t easily change your body shape, but your clothing choice is something you can definitely alter. Personal style is branding: what you wear does determine the type of person that you’re going to attract.”

For more wisdom from Chiara Atik on what to wear, and first-date outfit mistakes to avoid, check out the full interview at StyleCaster!