There’s Something About Mancakes (Men Making Pancakes)

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draperQuoth Bisquick on their new tumblr, “Is there anything better than a man who fills the air with the delectable aroma of pancakes?” Well, I certainly used to think there are things better than that — lots of things, actually. But a quick office poll suggests that a man making pancakes can, in fact, be quite the turn-on.

For example, my fearless editor had a man make her pancakes once. “Seriously, I will never forget this guy. He made me chocolate chip pancakes. It’s like an instantly sexy-but-also-nurturing thing.”

Well, yeah, that sounds really nice. Is Bisquick on to something? Is post-coital pancake-making a thing? Like, should I be expecting this? Should guys trying to make a good impression know about this?

I took to GChat to investigate further.

me: has a guy ever made you pancakes?
Sent at 11:10 AM on Friday
Darcy: no. Omelettes, yes. Never pancakes
me: do you wish it had been pancakes
Darcy: hmmmm let me think
yeah man. I would love to wake up to a stack of pancakes. There’s something romantic about that

me: has a guy ever made you pancakes
Sent at 11:09 AM on Friday
Melanie: ugh no
and i feel sad about it
i once went out with a guy whose username had “waffles” in it because i hoped that he would

me: has a guy evermade you pancakes
Stephanie: made em together
me: was it nice
Stephanie: i dunno man i think i just have a problem letting things be nice
but it should be

me: has a guy ever made you pancakes?
Phylisa: yes
me: how was it
Phylisa: um, delicious?
what do you mean
me: Like. how did it make you feel?
Phylisa: it was delicious.
and sweet, I guess?
he made me american pancakes bc, ya know, i’m american
which was really nice

me: has a guy ever made you pancakes?
Emily: Josh made me French toast last month.
me: how did it make you feel?
Emily: Whatever, really. We live together and cook for each other : /

me: has a guy ever made pancakes for you?
Madeline: I don’t think so…I’ve had a guy make me waffles.
me: how was that?
Madeline: it was surprising but also a very nice gesture!
it made me feel sort of like oh this is how its supposed to be the next morning kind of thing…like why don’t all guys do this and it’s kind of sad that this feels special?

me: have you ever made pancakes for a girl?
Cory: ha
i wish i had
hopefully i will
but no

Get on it, guys. It seems like pancakes are the way to a woman’s heart.