These Promposals Will Put Your High School Memories to Shame

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Before “Will you marry me?” comes another life-defining question: “Will you go to the prom with me?” High schoolers may be so over Valentine’s Day, but apparently prom is still going strong on the list of teenage priorities.

The word “promposal” refers to the elaborate ways that teens ask each other to prom. The hashtag #promposal is now sweeping through social media as March is prime time to find an escort for the big event just a couple of months away. Now, I’m not going to pretend that prom is the actual best night of anybody’s life. In the interest of showing my age, I’ll admit that my prom night happened to be the day that Michael Jackson died, so that cast a pall over the festivities. I was accompanied by both my best friend and my high school boyfriend, one of whom refused to dance with me and smoked outside the country club venue while I shook my groove thing to a techno remix of “Seven Nation Army” (hint: It wasn’t the best friend). There was no staged asking process, just a semi shy conversation over tater tots in the cafeteria.

These kids, on the other hand, are on to something. They know all the lines to She’s All That (get it? I’m old!) and they are ready to sweep the Rachel Leigh Cook of their dreams off her feet. Or his feet — it’s the 21st century, after all.

1. Exercise and clever wordplay

2. Alex’s way of hinting that he wants his prom date to bake him a lot of cookies

3. You can’t argue with a Snapple Fact

4. And the award for “Best Use of a TI Calculator” Goes To —

5. D’aw, somebody’s getting laid on prom night

6. Despicably adorable