Think Your Date Washes His Hands In The Bathroom?

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Think again.

Turns out men need a little encouragement to clean their hands, like not having to walk an extra foot. These new sink-urinals are eco-friendly, and serve as an in-your-face reminder to men using the urinal that they should wash their hands.

Yup. Sink-urinals. That’s a thing, now.

“It’s not just a fancy piece of art,” he says. “The idea is about function and consumption. You are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, and the same water that’s running is also used to flush. You don’t have to use water twice, like when you use the urinal and wash your hands in separate sink.”

They do look kind of pretty though, right? I bet the men don’t even notice while they contemplate if it’s really worth the extra 3 seconds to turn the sink on.