This Guy Wrote a Haiku For Every Girl He’s Slept With

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benedict smithSometimes, poetry is truly the only way to convey your feelings post-coitus. These come courtesy of Benedict Smith, a writer from London, who has perfectly summed up the 25 women he has slept with with 3 simple lines each. Here are the 10 best:

1. The haiku form is
of an appropriate length
to describe this fuck

3. We used to have sex
So we didn’t have to talk
Now we do neither

4. We had a threesome
You, me and my depression
Depression fucks hard

6. You didn’t like me
But you did like my writing
I guess that’s enough

9. You learned of my pain
and said you’d try to fix me.
That wasn’t your job.

15. Puked everywhere
And then fell into a bush
You still wanted me

17. You were a model
Who found me through my writing
Thankyou, Internet

18. We made a sex tape
I hope I find it before
my family does

25. I tried to whip you
Then I hit my testicles
It ruined the mood

26. It took twenty five
Twenty five misconnections
Before I found you

For the other amazing 3-liners, head over to the writer’s Tumblr.