What’s Your Burlesque Name?

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Ever wonder what your name would be if you slapped tassels on your nips and mastered the art of strip comedy? Find your burlesque persona by answering these questions…

What’s your birth month?

January: The Mystic
February: The Glamorous
March: The Sultry
April: The Virgin
May: The Stunning
June: The Ravishing
July: The Sinister
August: The Precocious
September: The Obscene
October: The Luscious
November: The Dangerous
December: The Mysterious

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Which performer do you like most?

Lady Gaga: Sister
Christina Hendricks: Nurse
Beyonce: Lady
Anne Hathaway: Detective
Adele: Housewife
Zooey Deschanel: Miss
Rihanna: DJ
Aubrey Plaza: Professor
Nicki Minaj: Duchess
Blake Lively: Princess
Katy Perry: Maid
Sofia Vergara: Officer

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Which of these places would you like to go most?

The South of France: Kitty
Hong Kong: Autumn
California: Cherry
Italy: Susie
Greece: Roxy
Cancun: Sheba
Figi: Ethel
Home: Bambi
The UK: Charlie
Paris: Coco
Prague: Raven
Literally anywhere: Candy

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Which drink would you like to have sitting in front of you right now?

Dark ‘n’ Stormy: Titsmore
Jack on the rocks: McGee
Red Bull and vodka: Ferrari
Margarita: Swellington
Vodka soda: Whispers
A Guinness: Snatch
A light beer: Heartbreaker
Rum punch: Thrustweather
Old Fashioned: Von Darling
Gin martini: Martini
Manhattan: Overwood
Just a soda, okay?: Valentine

So. What’s your burlesque name?

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