When (and Why) Did Permissiveness Toward Premarital Sex Peak in The U.S.?

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baby boomer premarital sexIf your answer is, “uh, isn’t it continually peaking?” who could blame you, particularly with present-day attitudes about sex, marriage, sexual identity/expression, relationship structures and so on in the U.S.

But, according to a study just published by the “Journal of Sex Research,” which examined data from the years 1975 through 2008 to see why attitudes about premarital sex have changed, permissiveness toward premarital sex actually peaked during the Baby Boomer era.

That’s right folks—Mom and Dad were getting arguably far freakier than we may have previously imagined.

So maybe you’re not all that surprised about this period of high acceptance toward premarital boot-knocking, what with sexual liberation and the advent of groundbreaking contraception. But, according to the Journal, “[the] effect is due in part to differences in rates of religious service attendance and educational attainment.” And, naturally, some measures for which this particular study did not account, like disco.