Why Are The Latest Food Delivery Ads All About Sex?

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thumb_gh_wIf you ever ride the subway in New York City, there’s no way you could have possibly missed one of the latest batches of food delivery advertisements (think Seamless and GrubHub).

Some of these ads go so far as to guarantee, in no uncertain terms, having your food delivered will actually get you laid more quickly.

Then there are those that just…imply it.

It’s no secret to anyone that sex sells, but why do food delivery companies feel the need to sexualize their advertisements? What could possibly be sexy about food, let alone food delivery? Doesn’t having your food delivered equate to laziness and asocial leanings, both decidedly unsexy things by most people’s standards?

Maybe that’s exactly the point. Maybe these companies are just trying to say, hey, there’s nothing shameful about ordering delivery to your apartment three times a day, greeting three different smiling delivery people in your pajamas. In fact, it’s kinda…dare we say…sexy.