Would You Go On A Yogurt Date?

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With the Fro-Yo craze slowly fading with the last glimpses of summer days of past, a new gourmet yogurt is taking over. Chobani, one of the main names behind the implementation of Greek Yogurt in people diets, has opened a “Yogurt Café” in SoHo called Chobani SoHo and it’s causing delicious, albeit expensive, waves throughout the yogurt scene, because that apparently exists. This puts a whole new spin on going on “cultured” dates (GET IT?).

New Yorkers and tourists alike have been flooding this quaint shop to grab a $4 bowl of this tangy white stuff, topped with decadent fruits, herbs and spices like fresh mint and black pepper. It’s meant to take the “morning” out of yogurt and make it grown-up and sophisticated for delicate palates of the yogurt consumers of the world. While this all sounds glorious and wonderful, I for one think this is a whole bunch of pretentiousness wrapped up in edible bacteria.

For one, they have people that top the yogurt for you. The whole reason the fro-yo thing was so satisfying is because you made your own concoction. You chose to put way too much pseudo-ice cream into that suspiciously large cup and put gummy bears and butterscotch syrup and Fun Dip powder all over everything like a 3rd grader just exploded. It was all about the psychology behind doing it yourself that made you feel better about eating so much crap. And it was especially fun when you went on a date because ridiculous combinations of things on top of fake ice cream is like, the best conversation starter.

This is New York City and you can meet people anywhere. You don’t need to drop more money than your morning coffee (unless you’re one of those people) on a two cups of yogurt at something being called a “yogurt bar” to call it a date.

So, the real question behind the white curtain of fermented bacteria is, would you ever take a date here or is it just another hipster fad?