10 Most Romantic Cartoon Characters

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Tina from Bob’s Burgers

Here love for Jimmy Jr. is chroniceld in rather inspiring “friend fiction,” that could make 50 Shades of Grey fans blush. If the girl wants to touch butts, so be it.


Wile E. Coyote

Here’s a man that’s committed to the chase and deeply incorrigible. How can you not find those qualities endearing?


Pepe le Pew

Seriously. He’s French. He emits a sensual (albeit disgusting) odor and he’s French. What’s not to like?


Ralph Wiggum

He might not be smart or a man of poetry but if someone dares to tells you that they “cho cho choose” you, how can you resist?



Look at this realistically, The Beast was a super creep who kept Belle locked up in a tower until she developed Stockholm Syndrome and would eat with him. But no one’s neck is a thick as Gaston. Also he was a head of the curve with the antlers in decor trend.


Sally Brown

Loving someone means you think everything they do is perfect, particularly in their artistic endeavors. And Sally played the supportive lover in spades, encouraging her Sweet Babboo Linus’ piano playing, philosophical beliefs (even if they were slightly misguided), and even enduring his reliance on a security blanket.


Tooter the Snork

Because there’s someone out there for everyone, even people who communicate only through toots.


Pebbles and Bam Bam

Who says you can’t meet your soul mate when you’re still wearing diapers?



The strong, silent type knows that sometimes shutting up, eating your vegetables, and saving your woman from the clutches of Bluto is enough to prove that you care.


The Old Man from Up

If the opening of Up did not make you weep and revitalize your idea of love anew you have no soul.