Awesome Dude Illustrates All the Girls He Likes on Tumblr

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Tumblr, the poor man’s pornography site, is the place where ladies and gents alike go to feed their narcissistic needs with cock-tease photos of themselves. You’ve seen the “oops, you can see my bra” selfie or the “I forgot to wear panties, lol” caption. It’s sad, but for some – it gets the job done.

Thanks to his admiration for the pictures of girls he’d met on Tumblr, artist Jon Burgerman decided to embark on a little art project as an ode to these tantalizing ladies of Tumblr. Drawings of Girls on Tumblr is now a complete collection of his work, remaking personal photos with strong colored marker strokes. You might even find a couple celebrities in the mix of sexually suggestive, yet PG-13 photographs. 

A girl posed so it’s obvious you can see up her skirt

Rhianna and her tongue

A girl in a sharp jacket

A girl holding herself

Girl looking up

6 (1)
Rich girl taking a selfie

Girl with lots of tattoos

Beach Girl

[h/t Design Taxi]