5 Unbelievably Romantic, Flirty Things Birds Do When They’re In Love

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I’ve been announcing to everyone I know (who I want to touch me) that today is Hug A Vegetarian Day — I’m a vegetarian and appreciate all of the recognition I can get. Recently an article ran on Buzzfeed called 8 Fascinating Ways Birds Say I Love You, and the first thing I thought was, “THAT is why I do not eat animals.” Because they feel things and are so smart… and they love.

Even though I do not eat birds, until about twenty minutes ago, I thought I didn’t like them very much. (I abstain from eating them because I don’t eat things with eyes or mothers, but also because I have heard they are filthy. Whatever.) But I realize now, I just don’t like the birds that poop on my sidewalk or look at me funny when I’m trying to read in the park. THESE BIRDS are SO impressive. You won’t believe the superhuman things they do in love. (Seriously — can YOU make your feet turn blue on cue?)  They make me realize how amazing the world is and what an unbelievable, universal thing love is. To quote Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, and every single person who has ever remade this song, “Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.”

For now, let’s check out these birds — which might lead to some in-love-fallin’, because some of their tactics seem incredibly effective and sharp.

Moonwalking Manakin Bird

This video looks doctored, and I would call the bullshit alarm, but that nature woman seems like an honest, reliable source. And would you ever have expected her to be such an excellent dancer? Watch this video until the end — it’s really worth it.

Sultry Dancing Bowerbird

At the end of this video (which you should watch on your own), the male bird is THIS CLOSE to scoring. When he goes to mount his lady, he steps on her head! Ladies — what would you do in this situation? Walk away? Yes. That is what the lady Bowerbird did, too. I told you we have a lot in common with animals — even in the boudoir.

Flamingo Dance

These flamingos know how to get down — it makes me wonder why Flamingos are not known for their dancing skills. More commonly, we associate them with peoples’ front lawns and Florida. But their dancing! It’s beautiful — and quite possibly, a wonder of the universe.

Bird With A Thousand Voices (Like A Chainsaw)

You might think that bird calling is boring and that this is no big deal and who cares anyway and how could a bird impress an important person like me? (That is what I thought.) Well, I take it back. I’m impressed.

Frigatebirds’ Inflatable Heart

BYOV — bring your own valentine! In lieu of a boner, the the male Frigatebird displays a large red pouch that looks just like a beating heart. It’s beating for you, baby. Now I’m no bird expert, but I think he’s also winking, here.

See the rest of the slideshow here! (Teaser: one of the birds transforms himself into a giant smiley face. YES, WAY!)