Gchatting Against Convention: A Lesbian Love Story In Jamaica

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This story, appearing on Buzzfeed, depicts a through-thick-and-thin love story that sounds more like a movie script than real life. Jordin and Raquelle met at a gay pride parade at their college in Kingston, Jamaica and were instantly attracted to each other. The problem was that, while the white sand and beautiful landscape of Paradise was their home, it wasn’t easy-living for those who identified as gay. Lesbian sex isn’t illegal but it is heavily scrutinized throughout Jamaica, adding another obstacle to their already complicated story. But to them, love sometimes does conquer all.

Read through these gchats and watch the story of two incredibly witty people falling in love and using technology’s best advantage: connection.

After this, Raquelle and Jordin met up on campus and ending up making out in a gazebo. Romance ensues and the budding relationship starts to reach a boiling point.

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This was around Jordin’s birthday, when Raquelle was supposed to meet up with her at a wine bar. Jordin showed up a half and hour late, stoned and indifferent to Raquelle’s presence. Soon enough, after a few glasses, they lightened up and talked for hours.

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Something they talked about was gender expressing, where Jordin talked about how when she was younger, she thought she was trans.”Binding” is a term used to describe the act of wrapping something around the torso in attempt to flatten the chest. “T” is short for testosterone.

When things started to get serious between the two of them, they discussed the harder topics, the struggles they would ultimately endure living in Kingston. While Jamaica is the perfect place to fall in love, it’s not a place they can openly express their feelings.

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See how the rest of  how their relationship unfolds on Buzzfeed.