5 Gifts Worthy of the Dog Lover In Your Life

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So you finally understand the saying “love me, love my dog” because you’re dating a dog owner. It’s fun! It’s messy! It’s FANTASTIC. And it opens up a whole new world of gifts you knew nothing about.

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What would your lady love more than a picture of Fluffernutter printed on canvas to go on her wall? (Or a picture of her with Fluffernutter?) Chic canvas is a fun way to turn a picture into a work of art. Sure, you could also just have a picture printed and framed the old fashioned way, but this is cooler.

Dog Bed

Pet accessories have become more than just functional. They can be incredibly fashionable (no, really!) accents in the house. You can buy an easily washable duvet and stuff it with old clothing/bedding/etc, and the pup will love to smell and lay on it. Best of all: the duvets come in really colorful and chic (read: not normal dog bed) patterns.

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Stylish Bowls

Just like dog beds, dog bowls have come into their own. Make sure that while the two of you are out on a date night, the pup is also eating in style. I’m obsessed with these colorful bowls.


Make the dog love you! My little pup is obsessed with these pumpkin treats. They keep her occupied for about fifteen minutes of intense chewing and they make her breath smell less like dog food and more like Pumpkin Spice. ‘Tis the season of all things pumpkin, after all.

Also, if the dog is a chewer, antlers are becoming quite popular. My vet says they’re safer than rawhides (which my dog tends to eat much too quickly) and it’s always funny to see a domesticated dog doing something as feral as chewing on an antler. And don’t worry – elk and deer shed their antlers every year, so none of them are harmed in making these treats.


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