How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Improve Your Love Life

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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.00.20 AMThis article was originally featured in Glamour and reprinted here with permission.

“If a single person has any blocks to attracting a relationship, it’s almost always reflected in her bedroom,” says feng shui expert Tisha Morris. “For couples, any disharmony will be reflected somewhere in their bedroom as well.” A little feng shui makeover can help remove physical barriers and create a more positive energy around your room—it certainly can’t hurt, right? Read on for some basic feng shui decorating tricks to transform your bedroom (and possibly your love life) this year.

Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Always Have Two Nightstands


“Nightstands represent the power dynamics within the relationship. You want a nightstand on each side of the bed, even if you are single (this helps to attract an equal partner). The nightstands should be of equal stature, and the same goes for anything sitting on the nightstands, such as lamps.”

Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Place Your Bed in the Right Spot


“Every room has a power spot. This is where the optimal energy is within a room and also where you want to place your bed. The headboard should have a solid wall behind it for energetic support. There should be equal access on both sides of the bed. When lying in the bed, you should be able to see the doorway and anyone coming into the room. Not every bedroom has the luxury of meeting all these criteria, so try out different bed placements and notice which one feels the best.”

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Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Make Space for Someone Else


“Is one side of the bed cluttered up? Are your drawers and closets so packed you literally don’t have space for someone else in your life? Are you embarrassed for someone to see your bedroom? Any of these are indications that you are blocking a partner from coming into your life. Make some physical space and see what comes your way.”

Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Keep Work Out of the Bedroom


“Work and play don’t mix in the bedroom. Avoid having a work desk in the bedroom or even bringing work materials into it. This will help create a boundary between your work life and personal life.”

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Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Use Even Numbers


“Numbers are our oldest symbols and are very impressionable on our subconscious mind. For that reason, it is ideal to have objects in pairs. If you have a candle in the room, make it two. If you have pillows on the bed, go with two, four, or six. Also be mindful of objects in art, like a painting that depicts a lone animal—same goes for having an actual stuffed animal on your bed.”

Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Place Mirrors on Side Walls


“There is a traditional feng shui rule that says placing a mirror directly in front of the bed will bring a third party into the relationship. Whether you believe it or not, mirrors do generate a lot of energy in a space and could disrupt your sleep. If you plan to have to have a mirror in the bedroom, it’s best to place it on a side wall and not directly facing you in bed.”

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Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Add a Coat of Paint


“A new coat of paint is a great way to start off with a clean slate. It’s also a great way to set a romantic vibe in a room in a warm and sultry color. For a romantic vibe, chocolate, burgundy, dark or light neutrals, or a meditative deep blue or plum are great choices. Avoid yellows, bright reds, and primary colors.”

Bedroom Feng Shui Decorating Tip: Splurge on Quality Bedding


“If you really want to spice things up, then invest in some new bedding and sheets. Texture is important, so your bedding should be a feast for the senses. Get some new, soft sheets, a warm, cozy blanket, and a comforter or duvet that you want to snuggle up in.”

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