Lena Dunham’s Open Letter to Her Boyfriend Will Probably Make You Cry in a Good Way

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8466693206_0fc33105d0_zLena Dunham definitely knows how to pull on some heart strings. As part of performance artist/filmmaker Miranda July’s latest project We Think Alone — an online showcase of letters and e-mails written by celebrities to examine the art of privacy in the age of Internet hyperreality – an e-mail written by Dunham to her boyfriend, fun. [sic] band member Jack Antonoff, was recently released.  Besides the inherent googly-eyed nature of an epistolary correspondence between two young people in love, Dunham’s letter offers fresh insight into what a healthy modern relationship looks like. For the record, it does not look like your mate ordering you to crawl around on all fours, ordering you to make 300 sandwiches so he’ll marry you , or coercing you into sex when you’re not in the mood like you’re some real New Jersey housewife.

Written during a bout of traveling, Dunham muses on being independent  and in love, sans codependency. “My old move was to write these long belabored e-mails to people at home and find a way to enjoy my travels by imagining them imagining me enjoying my travels. I think I can enjoy my travels on my own this time.”  In what seems like a deliberate attempt to everyone cry at their cubicles, Dunham writes, “I felt like I could spend four days on a bench with you and it wouldn’t be enough time to hear all the stories that you have to tell.”  Lena Dunham, will you write me a love letter?