Meet the Babes of the 2012 Olympics: Beach Volleyball Edition

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Last week, we introduced you to some of the sexiest male athletes taking part in the Olympics. But 2012 is all about the women: every single participating country (including previous holdouts Saudi Arabia and Qatar) has sent female athletes, and women are now competing in every single event that men can compete in. So this week we’ll be celebrating the hottest ladies at the Games, one sport per day. Today: beach volleyball.


Marta Menegatti

It’s not too late to plan your summer vacation in Italy next year just so that you can scour every beach looking for this woman.

Sara Goller

This German volleyballer seems surprised by her own hotness, even though no one else is.

Maria Antonelli

This Brazilian is one of the only people on earth who could get tooth jewelry and still look hot.

Tamsin Hinchley

We made the same face as this Aussie babe when we learned the bikinis would still be acceptable Olympic attire in chilly London.

Liliana Fernandez Steiner

How do you say “great serve” in Spanish?

Kerri Walsh Jennings

This California girl’s nickname is Six Feet of Sunshine. We think it should be Holy Shit Two Kids Later and Her Abs Are Still Insane.