Meet the Babes of the 2012 Olympics: Soccer Slash Football Edition

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Last week, we introduced you to some of the sexiest male athletes taking part in the Olympics. But 2012 is all about the women: every single participating country (including previous holdouts Saudi Arabia and Qatar) has sent female athletes, and women are now competing in every single event that men can compete in. So this week we’ll be celebrating the hottest ladies at the Games, one sport per day. Today: soccer. Or as they call it in London, “football.”

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Kosovare Asllani

How do you say “wanna kick it later” in Swedish?

Tatiana Ariza

She and her twin sister play for the Colombian team. That’s right – there are two of her.

Karina Maruyama

The sun won’t be the only thing rising.

Justine Barnier

Ohhhhhhhh Canada.

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Corine Franco

Her position is “right back.” As in, what I’ll be.


Rosie White

Not to  be confused with her equally hot countrywoman Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Alex Morgan

It was hard to choose a standout from an American team full of babes. But this picture of Alex running helped us make a choice.