Meet the Babes of the 2012 Olympics: Track and Field Edition

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Last week, we introduced you to some of the sexiest male athletes taking part in the Olympics. But 2012 is all about the women: every single participating country (including previous holdouts Saudi Arabia and Qatar) has sent female athletes, and women are now competing in every single event that men can compete in. So this week we’ll be celebrating the hottest ladies at the Games, one sport per day. Today: track and field.

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Allyson Felix

If anybody asks, those flowers are from us.

Anna Chicherova

Hailing from Russia, she competes in high jump. But she could probably compete in beauty pageants, too.

Christina Vukicevic

Part Serbian, part Norwegian, all gorgeousness.

Fabiana Murer

She has pole vaulted over the other candidates in the Hottest Olympian list.

Hannah England

It’s easy to root for the home team when the home team looks like this.

Melanie Blouin

Canada gets cold, so you’ll need someone to keep you warm.

Melanie Adams

She can pole vault over us any time she wants.