Meet the Hotties of the 2012 London Olympics: Sailing Edition

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The summer Olympics officially kick off this Friday in London. Whether you’re a diehard fan with the event schedule mapped out or a newbie who can’t tell parasailing from water polo, HowAboutWe is here to help by focusing on the important part: hotties. Every day this week we’ll be spotlighting some of the best looking guys in different events, from tennis to track. Today’s spotlight: the hotties of sailing.

Ben Ainslie

Repping the host country, Ben Ainslie is one of Great Britain’s great medal hopes – he already has golds from Sydney, Athens, and Beijing.

Ivan Pastor Lafuente

This Spanish gentleman seems to have misplaced his shirt. Can anybody help him?

Ricardo Santos

Clearly there’s something hot about this name in Brazil, because there’s an equally sexy beach volleyball player with the same name.

Hunter Lowden

This nice Canadian boy has a smile you can bring home to Mom – and maybe he’ll score a medal to match?

Kenji Takahashi

Apparently it’s not a custom for Japanese sailors to post hot shirtless pics of themselves on the internet, which is a shame.

Hannes Baumann

This German hottie may compete in sailing, but his hobbies are snowboarding, surfing, and biking. In other words, his body is killer.

Blair Tuke and Peter Burling

What’s hotter than a sailor from New Zealand? Two of them.