Meet the Hotties of the 2012 London Olympics: Soccer aka Football Edition

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The summer Olympics officially kick off this Friday in London. Whether you’re a diehard fan with the event schedule mapped out or a newbie who can’t tell parasailing from water polo, HowAboutWe is here to help by focusing on the important part: hotties. Every day this week we’ll be spotlighting some of the best looking guys in different events, from tennis to track. Today’s spotlight: the hotties of football.

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Driss Fettouhi

At just 22, this Moroccan footballer has many years of hotness ahead of him.

Michael McGlinchey

As far as we can tell, he’s not dating a supermodel back in New Zealand. Which leaves him pretty free for dating you.

Marco Fabian

That is a smile you can see all the way back in Mexico.


In Brazil, the truly hot guys only need one name.

Maximiliano Calzada

His nickname back in Uruguay is “pochola,” which either means “dude who is extremely hot” or something really dirty.

Oliver Buff

The entire Swiss team is pretty hot, but this guy gets the nod based on his pitch-perfect last name.