Meet the Hotties of the 2012 London Olympics: Swimming Edition

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The summer Olympics officially kick off this Friday in London. Whether you’re a diehard fan with the event schedule mapped out or a newbie who can’t tell parasailing from water polo, HowAboutWe is here to help by focusing on the important part: hotties. Every day this week we’ll be spotlighting some of the best looking guys in different events, from tennis to track. Today’s spotlight: the oft-topless hotties of swimming.


Hugues Duboscq

In Beijing, this Frenchman brought home three bronze medals in the breaststroke. Quick, somebody make a “breaststroke” joke.

Dragos Arache

That must be how you say “nice dimples” in Romanian.

Marcelo Chierighini

He hails from Brazil, swims for Auburn, and somehow only has 600 Twitter followers.

James Magnussen

In his native Australia, this buff gentleman is known as “The Missile.”

Michael Jamieson

This Glaswegian is one of Great Britain’s medal favorites. He’s also one of our eyes’ favorites.

Fabio Scozzoli

His nickname is “The Italian Stallion.” I couldn’t even make that up.

Ryan Lochte

Are those a bunch of medals around your neck, or are you just happy to see me?