New York Ladies Won’t Date Short Men, Says A New Study

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Standing Male

According to a new study from scientific powerhouse/dating site, it’s tough out there for a short guy, especially a short guy in the Big Apple. An analysis of 50,000 user interactions revealed that ladies in Manhattan and the Bronx respond to a mere 1.2 percent of men under five-feet, nine inches. Brooklynites are slightly more open-minded toward the slight-of-stature, responding to 2.4 percent of overtures from the untall. The women of Staten Island will consider dating short in 4.1 percent of cases, and the magnanimous women of Queens are up for chatting 5.4 percent of the time.

But while New York City women may be passing over smaller gems, the ladies across the Hudson are (more) willing to give them a shot — 7.6 percent of Jersey City women reach out (and maybe down?) for romance. Vertically challenged gents, get ready to get real familiar with the PATH train. And Manhattan ladies, have you considered investing in a step ladder?

Image via Veer