HowAboutWe Success Story Follow-Up: Allison & Dave’s Cancun Vacation

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A couple of months ago, Allison and Dave won us over in our Success Story Flash Contest. Fifteen months after their first date (How about we…Go to the Celtics game and dance every time they slam dunk!), we sent Allison and Dave on a luxury vacation to Cancun. They’ve unpacked, brushed off the sand, and sent us an update.

What did you do when you found out you won?

Allison: We were at a restaurant and with both hands held high in a celebratory fashion, we screamed out, “VICTORY!” and we high fived each other and did lots of chair dancing in our seats. We got some raised eyebrows, but we didn’t care, because we knew we were champions of the world.

What did you do while you were there?

Allison: Let’s just say that the hardest decisions we had to make were: should we lay on the beach or by the pool? Or dare we say, in the pool ON submerged pool beds?! It’s a tough life living in leisure but someone has to do it.  We also went on a “Jungle Tour” in which Dave got to pilot a mini speed boat (and was doing so with a huge sunburnt smile on his face).  We drove the boats out to the “largest reef in the Americas” and went snorkeling for the first time. We got to see a majestic stingray and a big ass barracuda!

What’s your favorite story from the trip?

Dave: When we first arrived to the Omni, we took a gander and walked around the resort. Allison wore a huge fancy beach hat, which proved fatal for me. A big gust of wind came and Allison’s fist came flying at my face as she tried to save her hat from flying off. When people ask us how our trip to Cancun went, we like to start off with,”Well, Allison punched me in the face.” Seriously, she has a mean right hook! I still have a cut on my lip.

What did this vacation mean to you?

Allison & Dave: It meant a HUGE deal. Going on this trip meant celebrating us. Because of the way HowAboutWe’s platform fosters spontaneity, it really feels that we met through pure chance, or some weird cosmic fate had brought us together. We’re truly living out our love story and to be rewarded with Cancun is just extra icing on cake! And we really love cake.

Thank you HowAboutWe for introducing us to each other…you’re like the awesome mutual friend that is always full of good advice and knows all the awesome people.

Thanks to Allison and Dave for sharing their story! And if you’re a HowAboutWe success story, we’d love to hear from you. Just write in to and we’ll take it from there.