The World’s Best Sister Recreates a Bert and Ernie Pop-Up Book for Her Gay Brother’s Wedding

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In his latest video, Blake Rehnberg (YouTube user Breakdownclown) gives us a page-by-page tour of an adorable wedding album created by his sister for their gay brother Brad’s wedding. And this is no ordinary peel and stick scrapbook, it’s an old Bert and Ernie pop-up book with photos from the big day replacing each of the characters and brightly colored scenes.

Rehnberg writes, “My brother finally got the chance to marry the man of his dreams, my sister took every photo from the wedding and altered a Bert and Ernie pop-up book. Family is those who show up when you need them.”

The book is the work of Blake’s sister, Sarah. He created this video to showcase each new page of Bert and Ernie: On the Go. Take a look at the adorable book below.

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