These Boyfriends Really Hope You’re Done Shopping

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Sometimes only one half of a couple likes to shop. I know, crazy. And while the shopaholics among us get our high scouting the best after-Christmas deal on that once-overpriced cable-knit cardigan, our significant others are forced to practice patience. The hilarious Instagram account Miserable Men documents all the beyond-thrilled expressions of men who could not be more excited their partners dragged them out for a day of shopping. From the sidewalk to the food court, these men will stop at nothing to kick up their feet and wait it out.

Check out these hilarious submissions:

Miserable-Men-Shopping-02 Miserable-Men-Shopping-03 Miserable-Men-Shopping-21 Miserable-Men-Shopping-19 Miserable-Men-Shopping-18 Miserable-Men-Shopping-14 Miserable-Men-Shopping-13 Miserable-Men-Shopping-12 Miserable-Men-Shopping-11 Miserable-Men-Shopping-10 Miserable-Men-Shopping-09 Miserable-Men-Shopping-08 Miserable-Men-Shopping-07 Miserable-Men-Shopping-06 Miserable-Men-Shopping-05 Miserable-Men-Shopping-04