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These Hilariously Honest Valentine’s Day Cards Are Spot On

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Quirky illustrator Emily McDowell is single-handedly going to help you tell your special Valentine exactly what you’re feeling. McDowell’s custom greeting cards, available on her personal Etsy store, offer awkwardly honest captions for every relationship.

With one-liners like “There’s no one else I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to” and “You’re okay, I guess,” your Valentine is certain to giggle way harder at McDowell’s quips than at any generic card found at the pharmacy. Even your single friends deserve some V-Day truth with cards like “I know: Being single on Valentine’s Day can suck. But it’s so much better than dating some idiot.”

You have until February 6 to order one of these custom cards in time for Valentine’s Day. Which is your favorite?

Vday Card 1

Vday card 2

Vday Card 3

Vday card 4

Vday Card 5

Vday Card 6

Vday Card 7

Vday Card 8

[h/t Design Taxi]