This Woman is Determined to Deliver a 70-Year-Old Love Letter to Its Rightful Owner

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Last month, Texan resident Sheila Polk purchased a vintage book at a Goodwill store in Palm Springs, California. Inside the book, she discovered an unopened letter from World War II, dated 1945,¬†addressed to a Helen Rothurmel from Sergeant Albert Alm. It appears the sealed note never made it to Alms’ intended recipient, so Polk has now taken it upon herself to make sure the letter finally reaches Helen, nearly 70 years later.

“They do movies about lost love, and I’m thinking who knows what is in here that she has never seen? Who knows? I would love for her to get it,” Polk tells Fox 29.

An initial investigation has revealed Rothurmel was a member of a African-American Women’s Army Corps unit stationed in Dallas, while Sgt. Alms was based in Palm Springs. Polk is working with military officials in an attempt to track down Helen or her family, but, like a true romantic, she refuses to open the letter. Because some love stories, like fine wines, get better with time.