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Engagement rings are (come ON, let’s be honest) the most exciting part of announcing you are getting hitched. As much as you love the person, and you’re happy you will spend the rest of your lives together, blah, blah, blah – it’s all about THE RING! If anything, the reason engagement rings are so glorified (apart from their sparkly soul-mate sheen), is the fact that with that little diamond you are publically announcing to the world that you are taken, baby!

Facebook status and knowledge of loved ones aside, an engagement ring tells that flirty colleague you’re engaged, it tells that Uber X driver you’re taken, and that cute guy at your coffee shop you are OFF the market! It is an extension of your happiness that shouts it from the rooftops, encapsulated by a shiny wee rock on your wedding finger.

Apparently, the ring is placed on that specific wedding-ring finger because in history it was believed that this finger contained a vein that led straight to the heart. Stop it!

See below a video made by that tracks 100 years of engagement rings throughout history. Just because… Divine!