Couple Married 65 Years Dies Hours Apart from Each Other

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Sitting side by side in the Obituaries section of Monday’s Charlotte Observer, were duplicates of the same picture. That picture featured an 87-year-old woman standing lovingly over her proud, seated husband. Eleanor Witt Turner and Frank Eugene Turner were married on December 24, 1948. The couple would’ve celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this month, but they both passed away this Friday just shy of it.


The couple was eerily in sync, in case the dying-on-the-same-day didn’t convince you. They were born within days of each other, in the same month, in the same year. Their daughter also told The Daily Mail that they didn’t like to be apart, always preferring to do things together.

In their final days, both Eleanor and Frank suffered strokes and the debilitating effects of dementia. They didn’t forget each other, though. They shared one last moment of tenderness, captured by their daughter, amid IVs and hospital sheets. Frank’s hand clasps his wife’s in a way that seems both desperate and content.

If ever there were a reason to believe in love, this couple with their matching obituaries pictures is it.

Images via The Daily Mail and Imgur