Everyone Is Getting Married in the Middle of the Week Because It’s Cheaper

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Admit it, you’re slightly peeved when you get invited to a wedding that’s on a Tuesday night in Cape Cod. You love your friends, but come on! It’s far and we have work the next day.

Well, get ready for more of these mid-week invites in your mailbox. A new survey by British company Paper Themes reveals that the number of weekend weddings has dropped to 67 percent (with an additional 15 percent on Fridays). That means nearly one in three weddings are held during the week. The main factors behind this trend — as cited in the study — include lower venue costs, greater flexibility in work schedules (so not all of us have work the next day, fine), and lower midweek flight costs for honeymoon travel. I think we’d all be happy to suffer through a few midweek weddings if it means our friends get to go to Fiji for cheap. But there’s nothing crueler than a Wednesday night open bar. At least to all of your coworkers on Thursday morning.