Father of the Year Will Marry Off His Daughter for A Million Facebook Likes

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Salem Ayash is a poet from Taiz, Yemen. He is also, it would seem, the worst. As an alternative to a traditional dowry, Ayash will offer his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who can get him one million likes on his Facebook page. Because as everyone knows, it’s physically impossible to write poetry without a robust social media presence.

If this doesn’t seem ambitious enough, consider that – as notes – there are less than four million Internet users in the entire country of Yemen. We have questions, Salem. If you pull this off, is the lucky one-millionth customer himself the one who wins the bride? Or will any marketing guru-ninja-jedi-wizard-rockstar with a successful user acquisition campaign make the cut? Also, why? Just, why?

Though Ayash’s daughter already has a suitor lined up, Pops nevertheless plans to hold her ransom for “a month, a year, or even two years” – as long as it takes for that sweet, sweet Internet fame to roll in. And it could take that long, as Ayash’s page is currently at 32,408 Likes. He does add that he’s “willing to be flexible,” which gives me hope that this will ultimately prove to be a publicity stunt. (It has to be, right? Please?)

Image via Facebook