This Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Is Disgusting (And Yet Beautiful)

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You know, I really wanted to hate that video marriage proposal that went viral in May, but I couldn’t. Everyone seemed so happy and it was bursting with love, that even the most assholish, cynical parts of me were moved. And that’s why I feel so conflicted about these extremely publicized proposals. They disgust me, but they are beautiful. How is that possible? Like this one:

Maybe it’s because I’m getting jaded by these things (like, “Oh, another 200 people dancing and a marching band? Big whoop!”), or maybe it’s because this one just isn’t as good. But I was kind of rolling my eyes. This guy just had to say, “Look at me. I mean, look at us.” (He even gets a drumroll.)

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But then you see the look on his fiancee’s face, and she looks like she is about to die, in a really good way. Like she can hardly breathe and it is the most exciting moment in her life. And even that cynical asshole inside me is like, “Lauren, just be happy for them.”

But what do you think?

[Flash Mob Marriage Proposal]

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