Hong Kong Billionaire’s Daughter To Father: ‘Please Accept that I’m a Lesbian’

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Last week, we brought you an update on Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, the Hong Kong magnate who is offering a $130 million dowry to the lucky man who can convince his lesbian daughter to ditch her partner of nine years and also her lesbianism. Because, obviously, you can marry someone into becoming heterosexual.

This has left his 34-year-old daughter, Gigi, in the awkward position of having to deal with strangers calling her up and trying to put a ring on it through the use of sweeping, romantic pickup lines like, “I want to be a billionaire!”

Now, Gigi has published an open letter to her father in two Hong Kong newspapers asking him to accept her homosexuality and her partner, Sean Eav.

“I know it’s difficult for you to understand how I could feel romantically attracted to a woman; I suppose I can’t really explain it either. It just happens, peacefully and gently, and after so many years, we still love each other very much,” Gigi writes.

She continues: “It would mean the world to me if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a normal, dignified human being.”

I’d like to add my own open note to Cecil: When Sacha Baron Cohen takes an interest in turning your bouts of crazy into a movie, it’s time to reconsider your life choices.