Indian Court Agrees That a Two-Year Dry Spell is ‘Cruel’ and Two Years Too Long

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You know that inconvenient custom where in-laws crash the honeymoon suite and then no one gets laid? Actually, that doesn’t really happen to anyone except for one unfortunate woman in India. What followed was two years of a sexless marriage, which a judge just ruled as “cruel.” Thank god for the powers that be!

The wedding night was followed by two years of flimsy no-sex excuses (sexcuses?), like unemployment, offered by her husband as to why he couldn’t sleep with her. Finally citing those two very dry years of no sex as grounds she filed for divorce. And that seems entirely just.

The judges in the Mumbai court ruled, “No party has the right to deprive the other from marital bliss without any justifiable reason,” and declared that such behavior “amounts to cruelty.” They also made the husband pay her a nice chunk of change in alimony. Sometimes judges just get it.

Image via Veer