Meet the Crazy Couples That Live in Disney World

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Disney's Golden Oaks Unit #42

From magical honeymoon resort packages to Caribbean cruise vacations, couples across the world flock to the services of Walt Disney World Resorts to ensure their romantic wishes come true. But what if you didn’t have to wait a year or more for your Disney dreams to come true? The answer:  just move there.

Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort has been under construction one insane home at a time since 2011 and now property in all four neighborhoods of the one-of-a-kind community is available to any Mickey fanatics willing and able to pay the $1.7 to $7 million asking prices (and the additional $12,000 a year in fees.)

Some home owners are not only honoring Disney with their presence, but are taking their mouse loving straight into their homes’ designs with Mickey Mouse shaped windows, doors, and swimming pools. Meet some of the couples who have already moved in.

Here are some of the other properties available inside Golden Oaks at Walt Disney World Resorts.






Disney's Golden Oaks Unit #40

Disney's Golden Oaks Unit #3

Disney's Golden Oaks Unit #3

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