Being Single

“My Friends Are Getting Married, And I’m Just 25 And Drunk.”

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#MYFRIENDSAREMARRIED¬†explores the searing emotions of a single person constantly being confronted by her married friends. She goes from jealous (crying in the shower) to smug (“you look so thin!”) to unexcited with the married life in general. It’s hilarious for anyone who just likes to get wasteypants — single, coupled, or married. IT BRINGS US ALL TOGETHER.

When my friend tells me her boyfriend went to look at engagement rings:

When someone posts their engagement pictures on Facebook:

When I’m alone in my apartment on a Tuesday night:

When I see my friend for the first time in a few months, and she’s just ¬†like…

When my friend tells me she might be pregnant and I realize she’s actually excited:

When I tell my friends I broke up with my boyfriend:

When we’re at the bar and my friend says she doesn’t want to dance:

When my friend tells me the story of how she got engaged:

When my friend asks me to be her baby’s Godmother:

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