Norway Urges Married Couples to Have Date Nights Because a Bureaucrat Watched ‘Date Night’

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Date night couple

In Norway, the divorce rate has hit 40%. The government’s official response: encouraging married couples to schedule a weekly date night. No, this isn’t the shadowy machinations of the all-powerful babysitter lobby at work. Minister of Children and Equality Solveig Horne – a divorcée herself – was reportedly inspired by the movie Date Night. Really? Really.

“It is important to find small pockets of time where parents can be lovers,” Horne explained, causing everyone who reads this to cringe at the association of their parents with the word “lovers.” If Eyes Wide Shut should find its way onto another government minister’s Netflix Queue, expect shit to get real weird in Oslo.

Date Night stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey as a married couple in a rut who decide to share a romantic evening together – which, by the way, turns into a nightmarish, near-fatal ordeal through the city’s criminal underbelly. So, yeah. The 2010 comedy, while criminally underrated (especially J.B. Smoove’s bit part as a taxi driver), is probably not the philosophical foundation you’d want to build a country’s social policy on.

Alternatively, I’d like to request my own personal Norwegian to date. I can see it now – the Northern Lights will cast delicate shadows on his handsome Scandinavian features as he prepares beautiful fish dishes for me and our pet moose. That’s moose plural, by the way.

Image via Veer