This Man Couldn’t Afford an Elaborate Proposal, So He Came Up with an Amazing Free One

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Sometimes, creativity and compassion are truly the two things that mean the most when it comes to proposals. In the last few years, there have been flashmobs, Twitter and Snapchat proposals, and finely choreographed music videos, but this guy did things a little different with a more simple, yet just as romantic, approach to the proposal.

Redditor DropShotter didn’t have much money to plan an expensive and elaborate agenda for his girlfriend, but that didn’t stop him from creating and amazing (albeit inexpensive) way of proposing. Using his artistic talents, his plan fell into place.

“We both loved to stroll around Laguna Beach and browse the art galleries. It was fun for us to dream about living there, buying our favorite pieces, where they would go, who our favorite artists were, etc. We had a certain gallery that had a pretty good selection of Fabian Perez paintings that we absolutely loved. It kind of become “our” gallery and we would always stop by and see if anything new had been added. One day when I was working the idea hit me.

I called up the gallery and asked if it would be possible if she (the owner) could hang a certain piece of mine anywhere in the gallery. She loved the idea and agreed to do it. I had no idea where she was putting it, it was just dropped off, a date was set and I waited in excruciating anticipation. The day finally came and we stopped by the gallery. We were browsing around as usually and as we turned a corner near the back it opened up into a viewing room. Every painting had been taken down and a lone drawing of a hand holding a ring was placed directly in the center of the wall with all of the lighting pointed perfectly at it. My wife walked up to it and started to admire. She started talking about how neat it was and such and then she paused. I knew she figured it out. She hadn’t turned around yet so I immediately got down on my knee and she began to say “wait….uhhh….wait… that’s your signature…”

Finally she turned around and saw me with the ring. She still couldn’t believe what was going on or how the drawing got there but I asked her to marry me and she screamed and hugged me. As a few excited moments of “whys” and “hows” passed, we turned around and the Gallery owner was behind us and said “I still haven’t heard a yes!”…which she finally did say.”