This Map Will Show You How Old You Will Be When You Get Married

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They always say Greenland is icier than Iceland. Well, it seems the same is true of its rather icy population. People in Greenland get married, on average, later than people in Iceland.

This new map compiled by Priceonomics shows how young (or old, as the case may be) the average person is when they get married, in countries around the world. The key shows that the darker green a country, the higher the average age for marriage. As is to be expected, some countries have outrageously low average ages. In 20 countries, 10 percent of women are 15 or younger when they get married. Overall, though, numbers have risen dramatically from, say, the 1960s, when 72 percent of people in the U.S. were married as compared to today’s less than half married.

A governing factor for the average married-age data is the specific country’s wealth. For the most part, the wealthier a country and its citizens, the older the people are when they marry. Meanwhile, some of the data displayed in the map can be misleading. Developing countries are known for their puzzlingly positive attitudes toward the tradition of child brides. The data for countries like Yemen, then, where much older men are marrying twelve-year-olds, is not entirely opaque.

On a lighter note, might the well-advised older ages in Europe have anything to do with the concentration of redheads and blondes there? That’s right, blondes are smarter than all y’all.