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Apparently men are just as insecure as women about their body image. A study recently conducted by Chapman University analyzed reports from more than 100,000 men, discovering that up to 40 percent of men were unhappy with their physical appearance.

While they found that most of these insecurities were experienced by homosexual men, the study found that heteroseual men were just as apprehensive. On top of this, a further 20 percent of straight men at a normal weight said they would hide a certain part of their body during sex, the most common being their stomach, chest, butt, thighs and genitals.

The study also found that 16 percent of heterosexual men feel uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit in public, with 30 percent dissatisfied with muscle tone and size. Gay men are much more likely to report an interest or investment in cosmetic surgery than straight men, but when it comes to losing weight both gay and straight men resort to exercise. 61 percent of heterosexual males feel judged on their appearance, and 39 percent routinely think about how they look.

What can we learn from this, ladies? He has body hang-ups, too! Phewf.