Before Tinder, Finding A Date Involved Slot Machines, Surveys, and Smell Tests

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Before the Internet brought us online dating, the hunt for your next great love (or lay) took a little more effort than a swipe, click, or tap on a smartphone screen. Flavorwire has put together a neat little history of vintage matchmaking, from a 50-cent “slot machine for sweethearts,” to a cringe-inducing multiple-choice survey that asked subjects to check off their “dislikes” from a list that included choices like “interracial marriage” and “foreigners,” to a bizarre scent test that involved locking your partner inside a chamber and smelling them through a hose.

As much as I salute the daters of decades past, considering there have been times when I was actually too lazy to swipe left – choosing instead to just turn off my phone and lay down – I don’t think putting a stranger into a booth and sniffing them would have worked out very well.