Canadian Bears Are Cruising Wildlife Crossings For Hookups

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bear romance

Canadian bears are crossing that Trans-Canada Highway in search of hot prospects, according to researchers from Montana State University. Bear-crossings, established to help bridge the barriers between some bears and other bears, have been around for ages, but until now, there wasn’t actually any evidence that the bears were using them. Maybe the bears were content to keep have their boring old bear-trysts with whoever happened on their side of the tracks.

But it turns out, no: the bears, they be cruisin’. Grizzly bears and black bears are woofing from all over the Canadian Rockies, meeting at safe and public crossings before heading into the woods to get it on.

Which is good, scientists say: this study — definitive proof that grizzlies are doing it with black bears — proves that the crossroads effectively maintain genetic diversity in the face of modernity. Nothing gets in the way of bear love, not even the Trans-Canada Highway.