Fighting Gender Norms, One Suit at a Time

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We hear about men dressing like women all the time (drag queens, metrosexuals, hipsters who wear female skinny jeans), but what about women dressing like men? Some ladies identify as “masculine of center,” and as such, they have very few clothing options, especially on their wedding day.

Mary Going’s search to find an attractive suit to walk down the aisle in was difficult and emotional. Nothing fit and sales people were rude. But it turns out she’s pretty awesome, so she created her own line of masculine suits, tailored for women.

“Putting the idea into practice brought other challenges. Unlike traditional women’s suits, which often emphasize feminine curves like breasts and hips, Saint Harridan’s suits create a masculine silhouette. To do so, every aspect of the suit was re-engineered. Shoulders were narrowed to fit smaller frames, lapels were tweaked to lie flat over the bust, and pants designed to accommodate hips.”

Going’s company Saint Harridan, along with only a tiny handful of other clothing companies catering to the masculine females of the world are hopefully just the beginning. Perhaps one day this group of individuals can go from “tragically unfashionable” (due to a lack of options) to indescribably stylish.

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