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I know how you feel. You have had it up to HERE! You feel like you have reached your ultimate online dating limit. You have swiped right for every Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge potential match under the sun, and each date you entertain you are even more convinced that only true wankers are attracted to you and you are never going to find love (hell, just someone to booty call). I truly feel your pain, and my god we have all been there! Believe it or not, I am here to tell you to pick yourself up, migrate from your sad solo Netflix and chill, re-do your winged eyeliner after a day at the office, and stick to the goddamn dating disco! Here’s why:

This is the only time to get down and date!
You’re young, you’re single, you’re ready to mingle (I am sorry I said that but it’s just so true). This is literally the only time in your life you are going to have a few years to swim in an open dating pool, where no one really cares about who you are going out with and what you are doing with them. In our ever-digital age, millennials are dating at least two to three people a week! What does this mean? Get your experiment on! Enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences. Do you want to look back and dream of these single years and picture yourself on the couch watching How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days? I didn’t think so.


It gives your life some much-needed balance
You need to have some balance your life. Sure, we all need a break from dating at times (especially online *eugh*), but when you are single, dating should be a part of your routine. Don’t scoff – how else are you going to meet the love of your life? Sometimes making time for a good old Bumble drink is truly hard (not to mention painful), especially balancing friends, family, and your career. Finding time to date can be stressful! On the same note, it balances out your crazy life – and you need it not only to keep your chat on point (seriously), but also to keep your head in the dating game.


You learn more about what you want in a partner
Each date you embark on you will learn more about what you do and don’t want in a partner. The more people you meet in the dating pool, the more you will be able to pinpoint the kind of person you are looking for. Whether we are talking mannerisms, physical appearance or sexual appetite, you will become aware of what you do and don’t like. Most importantly, it will make that eventual Ryan Gosling of your heart much easier to find.


You will continue to meet new people
You may go on a date with a guy who tucks his pants into his top and wears flip-flops and feel absolutely nada downstairs, but if you sit down and get to know that lovely lemon you could attain a best friend! You could make a great work connection! You could even find a potential soul mate for one of your single friends on the couch at home! Worst case scenario? The guy is a real dickbrain but you get a free dinner and gain another follower on Instagram. Nothing wrong with that!


You are one bad date away from meeting the best
Well, you knew this part was coming. If you don’t date, you aren’t going to meet the person that knocks your socks off. In our dreamy millennial existence, we all have this secret hope that fate will intervene and we will fall in love with a mutual friend or lock eyes with a sexy stranger at the bar who will end up being our mate for life. Guys, there is like a 5% chance that is going to happen. Online dating exists. And it exists for many reasons, one important one being that when people go out nowadays with their friends, they are not on the hunt for their soulmate. They are literally going out drinking with their friends. What do you think online dating is for? Stick to the game. That person is just around your proverbial corner!giphy-20