Modern Love Recap: When It Comes to Dating, It’s a Small, Small World

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This was my favorite Modern Love story in a while. (It’s so much better than its cheesy title, “A World Away, a Wish Answered”, implies.)  A girl wakes up in the house she shares with her boyfriend (on Christmas, no less), and realizes she doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, doesn’t even want to be in the town anymore.

So she gave it all up – the boyfriend, the house, the town – and moved to the other side of the province. And when that didn’t prove far enough, she moved to the other side of the world, to Thailand, where she still felt relatively at sea.

In an attempt to take control of her fate, she wished for clarity on a loy krathong candle, placed it on the river, and watched it promptly sink. Wish, apparently, ungranted.

So, completely at the end of her rope, desperate and lonely, without any hope of ever finding love, the author turns to her last resort.

Online dating.

And guess what? The result is pretty magical.

[A World Away, a Wish Answered]