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Surprisingly, The Girls Looking For Coachella Boyfriends On Craigslist Haven’t Gotten Any Dick Pics (Yet)

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Ah, Coachella, those two magical weekends in April when horny teens put aside their differences to gather in a faux-granola moshpit of daisy crowns, fringed crop tops, psychedelics, and debauchery. You’d think there’s no better time to be very, very single. And yet, two single San Francisco girls posted a Craigslist ad last week in search of two Coachella boyfriends to accompany them to weekend 1.

“We posted exactly what we’re looking for: a normal, great, tall guy, who wants to have fun, and showers,” the girls, who have dubbed themselves the Coachella Girfriends, recently told Elle.

Among the Coachella Boyfriends’ other requirements: the “ability to carry a girl on your shoulders,” “know how to handle your shit,” and absolutely “no affinity for AFI (aka whiney ass bitch music).” Extra points for “above-par beer pong skills.”

Craigslist took the Girlfriends’ ad down within 24 hours, but as of yesterday, they had received 80 responses from all sorts, including twins, New Yorkers, and recent dumpees. Some applicants got pretty elaborate—we’re talking full-on Tumblrs dedicated to the cause. Surprisingly, although the Girlfriends have received a lot of shirtless bro shots, none of the submissions have included dick pics. Which I guess is just as well, because the Girlfriends say: “We’re not looking for sex.”

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