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Attending a Wedding? That’ll Be $600

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Bridesmaids' bouquets

The average cost of attending a wedding is now up to $592. To clarify, that is not the average cost of getting married — that would be reasonable. No, $592 is the cost of just attending someone else’s wedding. As a guest. You don’t even get a spouse out of the whole thing.

Also, your $592 semi-required vacation doesn’t include the requisite gift. You thought it included the gift? Hahahaha. No. It doesn’t. That’s an extra $109, on average, bringing the actual total to $701. That is a lot of dollars. That is 75 percent more dollars than it cost to watch other people get hitched in 2012. You could pay a month’s rent (not in New York) for those dollars, or feed some orphans, or buy a 64GB iPad Air, or something. And just think about what you could do with $701 times however many weddings you’re going to this summer! Or don’t think about it — it hurts too much.

[h/t BroBible]